Expat Spouse Best Reads For Surviving the Change

Our picks for the best books to grab if you are planning to be a trailing spouse on your partner’s overseas posting.


Unpack: A Guide to Life as an Expat Spouse

As an expat spouse, how do you choose the right home for your family, transition your kids to a new country and school, adjust to a new culture, and build a whole new network of friends?

Expat spouses face many questions, and this book is designed to offer straightforward answers. Written by two expats – with over 15 international moves between them – you’ll find inspiration and wisdom to handle your expat dilemmas.

The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide http://amzn.to/2iRzJUO

From how to organize an overseas move to what to do in the event of an earthquake, the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide is a light-hearted yet in-depth guide for anyone accompanying their partner on an overseas assignment

Am I Going to Starve to Death?: A Survival Guide for the Foreign Service Spouse 

How do you get a Great Dane onto an airplane? What happens when you have a medical emergency in a country where they don’t speak English? Can you find guacamole overseas, and if not, how will you survive a two-year tour of duty?

Longtime Foreign Service spouse, blogger and freelance writer Donna Scaramastra Gorman regularly fields questions from incoming FS family members, military spouses and expats, all wanting to know what they can expect of a life lived overseas. After years of responding to each request individually, and building on the success of her blog Email From the Embassy, she finally compiled her answers into a book.

An Inconvenient Posting – an expat wife’s memoir of lost identity

British psychotherapist, Laura J Stephens, already had the living abroad tee-shirt, and believed that another intercontinental move, this time to a country where they spoke the same language, would be child’s play. How wrong she was!

This always candid and often humorous memoir demonstrates that things don’t always go as expected – particularly with three kids in tow and an oft-absent husband. Setting up home in Houston placed Stephens in the eye of hurricane Ike, a frisky piano teacher and a crushing loss of identity as she came to terms with losing her hard won career. Unafraid to share the truth of the ensuing depression and her recovery, her story will offer expatriates and those who have suffered similar episodes hope and inspiration. Set against a dramatic Houston backdrop, readers will find a host of good ideas that foster resilience.

Expat Entrepreneur: How to Create and Maintain Your Own Portable Career Anywhere in the World

How to build a portable career that you can do anywhere.









A Broad Abroad: The Expat Wife’s Guide to Successful Living Abroad 

An oldie, but a goodie. This book covers the basics of life abroard.

A Career in Your Suitcase: The Expat and Trailing Spouse’s Guide to a Career on the Move

How to create a career that can move with you when posted abroad.




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