Welcome to my global living room / site, I’m glad you stopped by. I wish I could offer you a coffee and suggest you put your feet up.  But make yourself at home anyway and let me tell you a little bit about me and what I write about.

As an experienced expat-writer, teacher and international relations specialist, I write about travel, international family life and whatever else takes my interest.  My focus is on making ourselves at home where-ever we are.  On this site you will find posts that inspire and encourage expats and potential expats in the creation of global homes to support their families while living, working and raising children internationally. I offer advice and ideas for moving overseas, settling into a new home, learning to thrive in an international setting and raising young global nomads in a way that encourages them to become international citizens.

On a personal note, I love good food, wine, and coffee. I have an incurable case of the travel-bug and have so many places left on my must-visit list that I will need two lifetimes to complete it.

I would love to hear from you and a little about your experiences. You can contact me here

We understand that HOME is not four walls, but is the place where we are all together.

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